Turkey, Migration and the EU: Potentials, Challenges and Opportunities

Turkey, Migration and the EU: Potentials, Challenges and Opportunities


Thomas Straubhaar (Hrsg.)
Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (HWWI)
Seçil Paçacı Elitok (Hrsg.)
Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (HWWI)


Turkey, EU, Germany, Migration, Immigration

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In the context of Turkey’s accession to the EU, the issue of potential migration from Turkey and its impact upon European labor markets became one of the concerns of the EU, considering Turkey’s growing population and young labor force. In 2011, half a century after the bi-lateral agreement between Turkey and Germany on labor recruitment in 1961, migration plays a key role in relations of Turkey with the EU and will even increase its significance – not necessarily for the next fifty years but certainly for the next decade. This book touches upon various aspects of the ongoing debate about the effects of Turkey’s accession to the EU upon the migration flows and sheds light on various dimensions of current panorama, addresses policy implications as well as future challenges and opportunities.


  • List of Figures / List of Tables / Acknowledgement
    S. 7–9
  • Introduction
    Seçil Paçacı Elitok , Thomas Straubhaar
    S. 11–17
  • Demography and Migration in Transition: Reflections on EU-Turkey Relations
    Ahmet İçduygu , Ayşem Biriz Karaçay
    S. 19–38
  • Turkey’s “Critical Europeanization”: Evidence from Turkey’s Immigration Policies
    Juliette Tolay
    S. 39–61
  • Turkey’s New Draft Law on Asylum: What to Make of It?
    Kemal Kirişçi
    S. 63–83
  • Is Migration Feminized?
    A Gender- and Ethnicity-Based Review of the Literature on Irregular Migration to Turkey
    Juliette Tolay , Çağla Ünlütürk Ulutaş
    S. 85–111
  • Turkey in the New Migration Era: Migrants between Regularity and Irregularity
    Sema Erder , Selmin Kaşka
    S. 113–132
  • Causes and Consequences of the Downturn in Financial Remittances to Turkey: A Descriptive Approach
    Giulia Bettin , Seçil Paçacı Elitok , Thomas Straubhaar
    S. 133–166
  • Bordering the EU: Istanbul as a Hotspot for Transnational Migration
    Barbara Pusch
    S. 167–197
  • Emigration of Highly Qualified Turks
    A Critical Review of the Societal Discourses and Social Scientific Research
    Yaşar Aydin
    S. 199–227
  • Continuity and Change: Immigration Policies in Germany from the Sixties to the Present
    Mehmet Okyayuz
    S. 229–258
  • Conclusion
    Seçil Paçacı Elitok , Thomas Straubhaar
    S. 259–270
  • List of Abbreviations
    S. 271–272
  • International Workshop on Migration Potentials from and to Turkey
    S. 273–274
  • Contributors
    S. 275–281



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Straubhaar, T., … Paçacı Elitok, S. (Hrsg.). (2012). Turkey, Migration and the EU: Potentials, Challenges and Opportunities: Bd. Band 05. Hamburg University Press. https://doi.org/10.15460/HUP.HWWI.5.118