Climate Change, Security Risks, and Violent Conflicts
Essays from Integrated Climate Research in Hamburg

Climate Change, Security Risks, and Violent Conflicts
Essays from Integrated Climate Research in Hamburg


Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg
Universität Hamburg


Klimawandel, Konflikte, Gewalt, Sicherheit, Schutz, Diskursanalyse

Über dieses Buch

Research on security-related aspects of climate change is an important element of climate change impact assessments. Hamburg has become a globally recognized center of pertinent analysis of the climate-conflict-nexus. The essays in this collection present a sample of the research conducted from 2009 to 2018 within an interdisciplinary cooperation of experts from Universität Hamburg and other institutions in Hamburg related to the research group “Climate Change and Security” (CLISEC). This collection of critical assessments covers a broad understanding of security, ranging from the question of climate change as a cause of violent conflict to conditions of human security in the Anthropocene. The in-depth analyses utilize a wide array of methodological approaches, from agent-based modeling to discourse analysis.


  • Introduction: Research on climate change and security in Hamburg
    Michael Brzoska, Jürgen Scheffran
    S. 1-17
  • Climate change and weather extremes as risk multipliers
    Tipping points, cascading events, and societal instability
    Jürgen Scheffran
    S. 19-48
  • Agrofuel expansion and black resistance in Brazil
    Energy landscapes as materialized unequal power relations
    Martina Neuburger, Rafaela Rau, Tobias Schmitt
    S. 49-65
  • Interaction between wind energy, climate vulnerability, and violent conflict in Northern Kenya
    Janpeter Schilling, Luise Werland
    S. 67-81
  • The roadmap to energy security in Egypt
    Mostafa Shaaban
    S. 83-102
  • Water allocation in transboundary river systems in times of climate change
    P. Michael Link
    S. 103-119
  • Managing water-related vulnerability and resilience of urban communities in the Pearl River Delta
    Liang Emlyn Yang
    S. 121-141
  • Challenges and opportunities for historical irrigated agricultural systems in Mediterranean regions
    Technical, cultural, and environmental assets for sustainable rural development in Ricote (Murcia, Spain)
    Jürgen Scheffran, Francisco Alcón, Andrea L. Balbo, Juan Esteban Palenzuela Cruz, Rodrigo García Abenza, José María García Avilés, Katharina Heider, Johannes Hunink, Juan Miguel Rodriguez Lopez, Julia Martinez-Fernández, Arnald Puy
    S. 143-161
  • Sustainable access to rural and urban land by integrating local perspectives
    The potential of using Information and Communication Technologies
    Jürgen Scheffran, Andrea L. Balbo, Katharina Heider, Juan Miguel Rodriguez Lopez
    S. 163-173
  • Drought, flight, conflict: “climate migration” as a driver for conflict?
    Christiane Fröhlich
    S. 175-193
  • Disrupting the knowledge-power politics of human mobility in the context of climate change
    Questioning established categories
    Sarah Louise Nash
    S. 197-207
  • Explaining the diversity of resilience in the climate change and security discourse
    Resilience in translation
    Delf Rothe
    S. 209-228
  • Climate change and planning for the military
    Michael Brzoska
    S. 229-250
  • How does path dependence affect the climate change-conflict nexus?
    Jasmin S. A. Link
    S. 251-262
  • Critical evaluation of the implementation of the concept of environmental security
    Case study of the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC)
    Judith Nora Hardt
    S. 263-285
  • The Anthropocene: an opportunity for transdisciplinary and inclusive science?
    Jürgen Scheffran, Andrea L. Balbo, Delf Rothe
    S. 287-299
  • About the authors
    S. 297-299



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Brzoska, M., … Scheffran, J. (Hrsg.). (2020). Climate Change, Security Risks, and Violent Conflicts: Essays from Integrated Climate Research in Hamburg. Hamburg University Press.